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I'm a writer and programmer from San Francisco living in Montreal. This is my putative home page.

14 Messidor CCXVII

2009/07/02 04:48:58 EDT

It's been one year since the public launch of identi.ca on July 2, 2008.


4 Germinal CCXVII

2009/03/24 12:37:15 EDT

Identi.ca is one of the contestants in the Internet March Mayhem e-Tournament. We're up against LinkedIn in the first round. Help us out by clicking the "Identi.ca" link in the lower left-hand part of the tree.


24 Pluviôse CCXVII

2009/02/11 23:47:34 EST

I was listening to Tech Nation today on the treadmill -- the episode from Jan 13 2009 with Darrell Rhea of Cheskin Added Value. He made a great point: that when people give money to charity, they feel good about themselves. But when they pay their taxes, they feel really bad -- even though their taxes go for schools, hospitals, fire departments, and other important societal services. And that made me think about a few things.


26 Nivôse CCXVII

2009/01/15 01:58:15 EST

I got tagged in the bunnymeme. I even got nagged about it. I have to admit, drawing a bunny is kind of a relief from a busy week.


15 Nivôse CCXVII

2009/01/04 03:30:58 EST

I really like the This American Life podcast. It's probably one of my favorite pieces of public radio, and having a full high-quality public feed is fantastic. However, I've been a little grumpy about the long forewords that have been put into the show lately, asking for donations from podcast listeners.


3 Nivôse CCXVII

2008/12/23 14:59:05 EST

I've been working on some code cleanup with Laconica, and it's making me think of an anti-pattern that really gets under my skin. I call it the ActionDoer anti-pattern, but there's probably a better name for it.


3 Vendémiaire CCXVII

2008/09/24 13:11:45 EDT

I noted today, while writing some bit-masking code for the umpteenth time, that it's not always easy to remember how to do bit-masking. For myself and others, I've written a quick Bit-masking Cheatsheet to remember more easily.