Journal/12 Germinal CCXV from Evan Prodromou

We did a walkthrough on the new house today with a contractor (recommended by Jeff and patti, so he's got to be good). It turned out to be a lot more painless than I thought -- I was anticipating a lot of confusion and bills running sky-high, but he was really reasonable and we kept our requests to what we really needed. So I think it's going to be pretty possible that we get the minor repairs and changes we want before we move in in June. Then again, it's probably good to wait until we actually have a quote.


RSS 1.0

I'm glad to say that I've finally implemented an RSS 1.0 feed for this blog. I think I feel more of an affinity for the RDF-based RSS 1.0 than for the weird offshoot RSS 2.0. (No, the version numbers don't indicate a progression -- see RSS for the story of the classic standards fork.)

The new feed is at . I'm going to do more fun things with it in the future, since RDF lets you swing like that.