Journal/20 Germinal CCXV from Evan Prodromou

I'm really excited this morning. Wikitravel has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Travel category. It's amazing to get this kind of recognition for the work that our community has done over the last four years.

I think that Wikitravel has a good shot at winning the award. I also hope that the Open Source and Open Content community, as well as wiki enthusiasts, will turn out to vote for us in the People's Voice Awards (open to voting by the entire Web community).

tags: has OpenID

Looks like Portland (Oregon)-area startup AboutUs has implemented the OpenID extension for MediaWiki. Meaning that anyone can log into AboutUs with an OpenID!

This moves AboutUs into a nice single-signon network with Wikitravel, Wikevent, and wikiHow, as well as a number of other OpenID-enabled sites. Great for them.